February 14, 2010

So I know I didn’t post for a long time but exams are always hard.

So yesterday I had an interview with ei rep. -don’t know his name- .

We played some “What’s important to you in Germany and what it is like in the US?” Games and

it was always just like “D’you still want to go?”

Time passed by really fast.After an hour he was gone and I talked about the entire interview with my best friend.

She wasn’t glad about it,she still doesn’t want me to I go.

Now I’m just waiting for the results,for a letter or anything other.

Hope that the time passes by 😉

Go to cine now…watching Valentine’s Day in english xp

Feeling like I just can wait…

January 29, 2010

Just got a call of my area rep that he’s sick 😦 Now we canceled  our meeting and I feel completely like I can’t do anything else than just wait for the time to come….

Have to wait for May to send the first application for my DFH scholarship,for Juny to send the letter for application to YFU and then I have to wait ’till August (!) for sending my applications to iSt,ASF,EF etc.

’till then I just have to wait,work and learn.That’ll be harder than everything I’ve done before but maybe this will be the first ‘challenge’ of my big dream to come true.

So…this was really short.Shall I tell something more?

School sucks,Friends going nuts ’cause of German Homework (8 pages in one week ;p Really sucks),Ex-Boyfriend got nerve,Swarm doesn’t call,Guys ignoring me….

What’s wrong with my life?

Do I seem so busy?

Next deadline is somewhen in February…don’t know when.Mom took my agenda away and now I’m confused about everything -.-

Just hope that the Mr. will call again 😉

Into the New World?

January 29, 2010

Sooo…like many of you guys may know I’ll go to America.

Next year,August.

Now I want to explain the most asked question “Why do you want to go to America?”

I have to start a few years ago…I was ten when I first saw a documentary about North America,since then I always wanted to know more and more things about America,especially the north.I tried to learn the English language as well as I could and now I can speak it well,but not perfect.Then my today’s best friend went to America for two months for an exchange.We had contact the whole time she was in America and she told me so much things,her prejudices she had were dropped and she had a totally other picture about the US.Even today she’s thinking about this time as the most wonderful time in her whole life.

I also want to enjoy this experience for ten months high school.And I want to share it with you all 😉

I may cannot post everyday because the experiences will flash through me and I will be absolutely confused-Maybe 😉

But maybe I can handle it easy and it won’t impress me at all,but I don’t believe that…I’m really simple to impress if it’s about nature,culture or mentality,Guys are another kind of theme 😉

Last week I received a lot of information about a few states of the US and general the USA and I will read it all.I’ll post a pic of the whole stuff later 😉 So I hope I will be most informed like I can be so that I won’t be so surprised,don’t misunderstand me I sure will be surprised by all the things in America because it’s a simply different culture and I don’t believe all the “Highschool-Drama-Musical”-Sceneries,but with these infos I sure will be a lot more prepared of this ind of adventure 😉